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Hines Chosen As 6th District GOP Vice Chair

On Saturday, March 13, 2021, Bartholomew County’s DeWayne Hines was elected unanimously to become the new Indiana 6th Congressional District’s Republican Party Vice Chairman. Hines, a lifelong resident of Bartholomew County and 30 year veteran volunteer in the Republican Party, has most recently served as both the local Republican Party Vice-Chair and the 6th District’s Treasurer.

Congressman Greg Pence and 6th District Chairman Misty Hollis enthusiastically supported Hines’ nomination for Vice-Chair in their recommendation to all County Chairs and Vice-Chairs. Chairman Hollis said about Hines, “I believe our District deserves leadership that puts you first, which is why I am pleased to offer DeWayne Hines and the other candidates for District Officers.” Pence added, “I wholeheartedly support this slate of Sixth District Republican leaders and trust that you will find them the right partners to ensure our continued success.”

Bartholomew County Republican Vice-Chair Josh Burnett attended the 6th District Reorganization Meeting in Shelbyville and seconded the nomination for Hines. “DeWayne has faithfully served our local party for over 30 years and has shown a particular passion for advancing the Republican agenda at the state level. His experience with supporting and helping to coordinate statewide campaigns for Vice President Mike Pence, Congressman Luke Messer, Congressman Greg Pence and Governor Mitch Daniels, will be a great benefit to our 6th District leaders.”

Luann Welmer, Bartholomew County’s newly elected Republican Chairwoman, was unable to attend the event in person due to a prior commitment but added her support and congratulations for Hines. “DeWayne will continue to do a great job of championing our Republican values in this new role and we look forward to working with him in this capacity. We’re blessed to have Bartholomew County residents like DeWayne and Congressman Pence representing our 6th District.”

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