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Lentz Chosen Unanimously To Become New County Clerk

On Saturday, April 24, 2021, Shari Lentz was chosen unanimously as Bartholomew County's newest clerk. Lentz was elected by a Republican caucus of Precinct Committeemen to serve the remainder of former Clerk Jay Phelps' term as he accepted a new position with the State of Indiana as Director of Elections Modernization, Administration, and Special Projects. Bartholomew County Superior Court 2 Judge Jon Rohde was in attendance at the proceedings and swore Lentz into office after she was elected.

"I feel very blessed to be in this position because I have absolutely loved my work in Elections that began over thirteen years ago when I began recruiting poll workers," Lentz said during her speech. "We have a great group of people who make up the staff of our office. It is my hope to carry on a great working environment within the office and to serve the residents of Bartholomew County well."

Phelps praised his former colleague in his introduction of Lentz citing the work they have done together over the years. Phelps said, "Together, Shari and I have successfully implemented vote centers, reduced voter wait lines by over two hours in Presidential Elections, threw out burdensome and outdated paperwork for our poll workers and election staff, increased more voting hours and early voting options, saved hundreds of thousands in taxpayer dollars, and modernized the entire election process. Shari has been pivotal in seeing these accomplishments become a reality, and that is why I am excited and honored to endorse Shari as your next Clerk."

As Phelps has recently moved on to his new role with the Secretary of State, he added the importance of how respected Lentz is around the State of Indiana as she takes on this new role. "Shari is well respected throughout Indiana by voter registration officials and election administrators across the state. In fact, her peers selected her as the 2021 President of the Indiana Voter Registration Association. In this role, Shari has worked closely with all 92 counties to ensure the functionality and practicality of our statewide voter registration system, by working with vendors to ensure procedures are being met efficiently and effectively."

Lentz was joined in person at the caucus by her husband Bill Lentz, son Aaron Lentz, Aaron's wife Cora, their grandson Everett, and Lentz's Deputy Clerk Julie Robertson.

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